73 Triumph GT6 - Spit 6

This is the history of the restoration of my 1973 Triumph GT6.
This car was a basket case when I got it in 1998.
It sat on my lawn for almost 2 years. In the early spring
of 2000 I decided to get started. The body was completely
useless and it was removed and donated to a GT6 in Illinois.
It will be replaced by the body from a 1978 Spitfire, making
a Spit 6.

I did a little work on the engine and found that it must have
been overhauled by the PO. Everything seems to be in
perfect condition. I removed the distributor and turned the
oil pump to build oil pressure. Put the distributor back and
the engine started easily.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the body or
the engine before I started to clean it up. I moved it into
my garage about June of 2000 and started stripping,
cleaning, removing rust fixing and painting everything.
At this point I started to take pictures at irregular
intervals. The following pictures are a few of those pictures.

Click the picture for a larger view!

You can see that the engine is nice, but the frame and suspension are sad.

The transmission and bell housing were VERY dirty.


I almost stopped... look at the suspension.


However, a lot of taking apart, cleaning, painting, putting together and it looks
a little better. The transmission is gone and the clutch is being replaced.


The new clutch is in place and a bebuilt transmission is ready.

The rear brakes were completely missing. I had to locate all the bits and pieces.
Have you ever tried to find parts for '73 GT6 rear brakes?


The front rotors were badly pitted and had to be replaced.
I overhauled the calipers and installed new brake pipes everywhere.


The frame is ready to go back on wheels.
It is now December 2000, time to start working on that '78 Spit body.


A few months have passed and not much has happened.
It is now March 2001 and work is starting on the body.


Late March, starting to look a little better.
Grinding off rust and fixing dents.

Mid April 2001, making some progress.
Fixed the dent in the rear and the passenger's door.


Mid September 2001, almost all the body work is done.
The wheels will be body color.

Started painting in December 2001. Now June 2002 and
the tub is finished. It came out pretty nice. Look back a few
pictures to see where it started!


16 June 2002, the body is back on the frame, master cylinders
installed and brake lines connected.

7 July 2002, starting to come together. Looks
a little like a car again.

16 July 2002, one door finished. Window regulator
and latch cleaned and lubricated. Glass is in good condition.

27 July 2002, second door finished. New tires, wheels, and
chrome hub caps. Stating to look like a car again!

10 August 2002, door panels, arch panels, and cockpit rear
panel are finished. I plan to leave the wheel arches body color. Not
standard, but I don't care! The rebuilt wiring harness is going back in.
The harness was disassembled and repaired. Every end of every wire is labeled.

1 September 2002, The carpets are in. Good fit, I think it looks good.
The instrument panels are from the original GT6 so there are GT6
controls like ROOF and DEMIST. I relaminated them a couple of
years ago. High gloss finish on cherry. They are not really installed,
just in for a test fit. The instruments have all been cleaned and
repaired. Notice the oil pressure in the left eye-ball hole. That will
stay if I can find a fitting for it.

I also installed the newly refurbished wiper motor.

16 September 2002, Interior finished other than parking brake and seats. All the
instruments are connected and all the sockets are lamped. It may not be clear,
or maybe it is clear and that is the problem, but the windscreen is in place. What
a job!! All the wiring is connected other than headlights and now it is time to
test it all before I connect the battery. Tach cable installed, throttle and choke
cables connected. Only the speedometer cable remains to be connected. After
the wiring is tested it will be start it up time!

It Runs!!

29 September 2002, I got it started!! It needs a lot of tuning, but I turned
it around in the driveway under its own power! No major leaks, one heater hose
was not tight and leaked a little coolant. Good oil pressure. Not much power and
it is cranky, but tuning will fix that. Clutch works, now I need to fill the breaks.

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