Philco Model 89
Standard Broadcase and one Short Wave Band

This is a very nice radio that was in pretty good condition when I got it.
It had already been stripped and there was just one small piece of veneer to be replaced.

The electronics had the usual Philco coil problem and I had to rewind one primary.
Of course, I replaced the filter capacitors and several other resistors and capacitors.
It plays VERY well. Loud and with a very nice tone.

It is very hard to get a picture that accurately reflects the actual appearance of a radio.
The front is not as dark as these pictures show. The sides are about right.

They were originally light (maybe maple) and I refinished light.

The veneer on the front was applied with the left and right vertical and the center horizontal.
There is not much color difference, mostly texture.

The chassis was fairly clean and only took a little work.
The tube shields were a little rusted but came out nice.

As usual the power cord was replaced with a modern cord with a
polarized plug. I also hid a fuse under the chassis.
This radio sounds great and should be played.