Philco 84B

Work in progress!

This is my second 84B. I got it for a good price and just could not resist.

The case is in pretty good condition. It is sound and only
has a couple of small pieces of veneer missing.
There is a hole in the side that is about 1/2" X 1/4".

The chassis is dirty on the top, but clean on the bottom.

I have cleaned it up a little and painted the transformer.

Here it is, back in the case. This is just for a test to see
how the grill cloth and the dial look. It still needs several
coats of tone lacquer and clear lacquer.

Here is a close up of the dial that I made.
The picture on the left is with the pilot light
off and the right with the pilot light on. Actually,
it looks better than the picture. It is a little too
tranaparent as you can see from the hotspot from
the pilot light (the white spot). The dark spot on
the right is a shadow. If I can get the density right
it will look exactly like the original.

Come back in a couple of weeks and see if I have made any progress.