Philco Model 20

Work in progress!!

This is a 1930 Philco Model 20.
At this point I don't know much about it other than it seems to all be there.
The case is fairly sound. A little piece of the grill work is missing and the front
has separated from the case. I should not be too hard to fix. The chassis is dirty
but not badly rusted or corroded. I will soon have it apart to see what is wrong with it.

Above you see the condition of the case and chassis when I got it.

The case is stripped and all the veneer chips have been repaired.
The missing grill work is no longer missing. You can just see the new
piece. The color match is nearly perfect, but the surface texture is
a little different and that shows in the picture.
The damaged molding at the lower left has been repaired.
The case was originally very dark. I don't know if that was intentional
or due to oxidation over 75 years. I may finish it a little less dark so
that the wood grain shows.

This radio has the usual Philco coil problem and the primary of this
coil was open. The left picture is the original coil and the right is the
rewound coil.

The chassis is repaired and it works GREAT!
The original dial scale was damaged and I made
a new one printed on photo paper.
I still need to deal with that surface rust.

The case is finished. Several coats of toner lacquer and
several coats of semi-gloss clear lacquer. The finish is
more uniform than the right picture makes it look. The
white streak in the left is a reflection of something that
was sitting on the table.

Come back in a few weeks and see if I have made any more progress!