Philco 37-84

The 37-84 is almost identical to the Model 84, but redesigned
in 1937 to use more modern tubes. The schematic is as nearly as possible the
same as the original 84 from 1933 or so. It appears that the 37-84 case was not as
well made as the original Model 84. This case was in really bad condition and I had
to completely disassemble it and put it back together.

Walnut and cherry to more or less replicate the original paper finish.
The knobs are not original. I will find some original knobs.
The dial is also not original. I made it to be approximately the original.
If I had a good original I could duplicate it as I have done on the Model 84s.
I see that I did not touch up the nail heads on the trim. Oh well...
there is always something else to be done.