I like old radios, fire bottle radios. I like to fix the electronics and the
wooden case. I am still learning some of the techniques, but so far the results
have been very satifying. For the most part I look for seriously damaged cases
and non working electronics. More challenge.

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As you can see from these pages I will tackle almost anything.
I prefer to Restore Philcos of the 1920's and 1930's , but anything is possible!

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These were all basket cases when I started.
None of them have any real value, I just like to
fix them!

They all work now!

Click on the little picture to see a big picture!

Philco Model 80

Broadcast only, probably about 1933. It works very well. It came to me in pretty bad condition. Needed a lot of work on the electronics. I had to rewind two coils that were open. Not a lot of that type of parts available for a 73 year old radio.

Philco Model 60

Broadcast and Short Wave, probably about 1934. It works, but needs a little adjustment. I may work on the case a little. There is a small veneer loss that could be fixed.

Philco Model 84

Broadcast only, probably about 1933. It had the usual Philco coil problem. I had to rewind the primary of one of the coils. It works great now.
Philco Model 20

Broadcast only, 1930. Lower knobs are not original.
Got any Model 20 knobs?
I have the correct knobs, just need to make a new picture!

Philco Model 89

Broadcast and Short Wave, 1934.
Philco Model 66

Broadcast and Short Wave, 1934

Philco Model 84

Broadcast only, probably about 1933. This is my second Model 84. It also had the usual Philco coil problem.
It works great now.
Philco Model 37-610

Broadcast and two short wave bands. 1937.
Works great on all bands.

Wards Airline 93BR-564A

Broadcast only, about 1939. This radio originally had a paper finish. I tried to replace it using the accepted procedure, but I did not like it. In the end I veneered it and gave it a nice lacquer finish. The bezel was in several pieces and I had to put it back together. It works very well.
Stewart Warner R-1802A

Broadcast and Short Wave, late 1930's. The chassis has been aligned and works well. This was the first old radio that I bought. I have had it for several years and finally decided to fix it up. I removed the finish and put on several coats of lacquer. It looks like new.

Philco Model 40-120

and Short Wave 1940
Emerson Model 467

Broadcast Only, 1941
General Electric Model L-631

Broadcast and Short Wave 1941

Philco 42-PT94

Broadcast only, 1942. In progress, the electronics is repaired and it works well. The case is refinished. I made a new dial cover. The bezel is warped, but that seems to be common with this model. Some day I may find a better bezel.

Philco Model 46-132

Broadcast only, Battery Powered, 1946. This one was a real basket case, I really need to start taking before pictures to remember just how bad some of these were. Like all the others this one works. It just needs a 90 volt and a 1.5 volt battery.
RCA Model 8x53

Broadcast only, 1946. This was my grandfather's radio. I remember it from my childhood. It was always on the top of the refrigerator.
Crosley 56TN-L

Broadcast only, 1946. The case was badly damaged
with a lot of veneer loose and a lot missing.

Philco Model 41-225

Broadcast and Short Wave 1941

Crosley 56TV

Broadcast only, 1946. This is not the 56TV0. This one has 14 volt loctal tubes. I must confess that I have not yet been able to make this one work. However, I have not given up!

A couple of bad parts, now its a good player!

Motorola Model 61T21

Broadcast and Short Wave year not known, but probably early 1940's This is the best performing radio that I have. It works great on short wave with the built in antenna. Unfortunately, the case was in VERY bad condition and I had to completely reveneer it. It is oak and cherry, not original, but that is what I had.

Philco 37-84

Broadcast only, 1937.
Ongoing Projects

I have several more junkers that will be in the queue for repair/refinish in the coming months. As I get them cleaned up a little I will add pictures.

I am always looking for radio projects. If you have an old radio (1930-1948) that you would like to sell or trade let me know. Just click here and send me an email. I am not interested in already restored radios. The fun is in the fixing!!

A couple of people have asked if I will sell a radio. I am not a dealer, but I suppose everything is for sale at the right price. On occasion I have found and restored a specific radio for someone. If you are interested, email me.